Botswana wilderness safaris tips right now

Botswana safaris recommendations in 2023: Botswana is home to over 500 bird species. You will face the exciting challenge of discovering the Pel’s fishing owl in that far-off tree. You can also attempt to capture the perfect photo of a fish eagle taking off. The best time to plan a Botswana vacation is during the warmer months of November to March. During this time, migratory birds join the year-round residents. The ideal places to go birding in Botswana are Chobe National Park and the Okavango Delta since they have all-season water sources nearby. The Kgalagadi Transfrontier National Park is also a fantastic destination for birdwatchers. The park provides a sanctuary to more than 170 bird species. A boat tour along the Chobe River or the Okavango Delta permits you to watch waterbird species like the African Jacana and Southern Carmine Bee-eaters. Every year, various waterbird species make their way to known breeding grounds to lay their eggs and nurture their chicks. You frequently see waterbirds in lagoons with tree-filled islands or dense reed mats. The best time to watch waterbirds is between August and November when there are high temperatures and low water levels. Discover additional information at wilderness safaris Botswana.

Covering one third of the Okavango Delta in Botswana, bordering on the Chobe National Park, the Moremi Game Reserve, also known as the Moremi Wildlife Reserve, is a small reserve which is home to a dense concentration and vast diversity of African wildlife. This undoubtedly makes the Moremi Game Reserve one of the top tourist attractions in Botswana for any wildlife enthusiast. Known for its exceptional and abundant wildlife, Moremi Game Reserve and adjoining private land concessions in the Okavango provide the perfect environment in which to see endangered Wild Dogs and other rare wildlife species in their natural habitat. Some of these rare species include, the Black-maned Kalahari Lion, Sitatunga, Puku and Red Lechwe antelope, Brown Hyena, the African Skimmer and Aardvark.

Voted the best game reserve in the African continent in 2008, this park has a lot going for it. It is the first reserve that was solely founded by local residents who were growing ever more concerened about natural and man-made threats to the local enviroment and wildlife. Situated on the east side of the Okavango Delta, the reserve offers some of the most stunning scenery in the country and boasts an equally impressive ecosystem. Many tourists choose to visit the park by self-drive campervan but the park also has a number of great campsites.

The Tsodilo Hills is undoubtedly one of the top tourist attractions in Botswana. Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001, Tsodilo Hills is famed for its religious significance and is comprised of rock paintings, shelters, depressions, and caves. Often referred to as a spiritual outdoor art gallery, Tsodilo Hills showcases more than 4,000 ancient San Bushmen rock paintings, with over 4,500 cave drawings being found throughout the site. You will also find around 400 sites depicting hunting scenes, ritual dances, and typical safari animals. It is said that some rock art dates back more than 20,000 years and archaeologists have ascertained that people lived in this area as far back as 100,000 years ago. The San Bushmen further believed this sacred area to be the site of the first creation of man and a resting place for spirits of the dead. When visiting the Tsodilo Hills in Botswana, you can expect to hike the three main hills (especially if you’re looking to experience the full Tsodilo Hills exploration journey), with the assistance of local guides. There is a basic campsite and a small but informative museum on site.

The city of Gaborone is the largest in Botswana and also its capital. The modern buildings of Gaborone set against the tropical backdrops of this African nation are an unusual sight and despite its size, there are not too many reasons to visit the city. The large residential areas are supplemented by a few decent hotels and restaurants. The modern feel of the city is reinforced by its lack of history but it is certainly paving the way for the countries future and for this reason it is a good place to experience the vibe of 21st Century Botswana.

Botswana is not only regarded as one of the most exclusive safari destinations in Africa, but one of the most remarkable wilderness areas on earth. Boasting vast areas of protected wilderness, pristine landscapes, and a rich diversity of wildlife, as a safari destination, Botswana is hard to top. The south and east of Botswana consist of the jaw-dropping Kalahari Desert and lunar-like pans at Nxai and Makgadikgadi. The north and west, on the other hand, comprise the dazzling water worlds of the Okavango Delta and Chobe River ecosystem. The sheer diversity of Botswana’s terrain lends itself to an endless array of things to do, see, and explore. Whether it’s your first trip to Botswana or your 10th, there is always something unique and exciting to experience when visiting one of Africa’s most extraordinary safari destinations.

Botswana is a country in southern Africa that borders South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, and Zambia that features a large swath of the awe-inspiring Kalahari Desert with a population of 2.3 million. It’s home to some of the world’s most beautiful wildlife, including lion prides, elephant herds, and giraffe towers. Botswana means “land of the Tswana” in Setswana, one of two official languages spoken in the country (the other being English). The Tswana are the largest ethnic group in Botswana, making up around 80% of the population. Read even more info on