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Yacht sailing guides today? Portugal is a brilliant country to visit for a number of reasons. If you are planning a sailing holiday, then Portugal becomes even more desirable. This country has a stunning coastline and some world-class islands. With a rich history, delicious food, and plenty of historic sites. Portugal is always a good […]

Un pays génial: le Vietnam par

Voyages au Vietnam par AtypikVietnam? L’extrême sud du Vietnam est l’endroit où le puissant fleuve Mékong trouve enfin son chemin vers la mer dans un dédale de voies navigables qui sillonnent la plaine inondable. Incroyablement luxuriant, avec des vues sur les rizières et les mangroves, et plein de vie locale, avec des marchés flottants chaotiques […]

Amazing Mediterranean yacht charters and cruises locations today

Awesome Mediterranean yacht cruises destinations 2021? Some top Aegean destinations include Franchini, Nafplion, Crete, and the islands of Hydra and Spetses. These are places brimming with unique Greek culture, history, and arts. The Aegean actually contains over 2000 islands – meaning that a cruising holiday here is full of opportunity. Just like the Ionian Islands, […]