5 essential routes in Motorbike through Barcelona and surroundings

Barcelona is the second European city with the highest number of motorcycles registered, not without reason, the Condal City and its surroundings are a perfect framework for motorcycle routes through Barcelona, with which to enjoy the road on motorcycles while discovering some of the most beautiful spots in the area.

By motorbike you can travel from Barcelona to many destinations, both by the best known routes in Barcelona Motorbike, as by some not so typical. Although there are some routes that everyone who has a motorcycle should enjoy at least once in their life.

Barcelona – Montserrat: Less than 70 kilometres separate Barcelona from Montserrat, so this route can be planned as a one-day trip for those staying in the city, or as part of a trip to other destinations, such as Manresa, Igualada or Huesca, to head towards the Oscense Pyrenees. The road full of curves and the marvellous views that appear as we approach the mountain are the main attractions of a route that does not disappoint. Although the journey takes just over an hour,

An essential route that those who live in Barcelona are lucky enough to enjoy, but which can also become the perfect excuse to get to know the city and also the famous monastery of Montserrat.

Barcelona – Montseny: Secondary roads of curved layout between forests and wooded areas and in a mountainous terrain, these are the ingredients that make the Barcelona-Montsery route a route that does not disappoint any biker. This is a journey of about 70 kilometers in which the beauty of natural landscapes and winding roads, with several mountain passes, that make the trip already worthwhile.

To the beauty of nature, with its forests, mountains and impressive waterfalls, must be added the monasteries, villages dating back to the Romans and even a spa as recommended by https://vesping.com/scooter-rental-barcelona/

Barcelona – Garraf Park: The Garraf Park is a natural area located just over 30 km from Barcelona. Part of the journey is made by a road, the C-32 that runs parallel to the coast and allows you to contemplate the Mediterranean Sea in the second half of the forty minutes it takes approximately to reach the Garraf Park.

In addition to the park, where it is worth noting that it is possible to make several walks, the Garraf is also famous for the surrounding villages, which are worth visiting and can also be visited by motorbike enjoying the natural landscape and, at the same time, the impressive roads and its curved layout.

This route from Barcelona to the Garraf Park is worth completing the route with a visit to Olivella, Sant Pere de Rives and then returning to Barcelona by Sitges to take the same road.

Barcelona-Delta del Ebro: One of the obligatory visits in Catalonia is the Ebro Delta, a destination of great beauty that can be enjoyed on a motorbike route that runs parallel to the coast during the more than two hours that the trip lasts. Along the way, the motorcyclist can stop to get to know some of the most popular destinations in the region, such as Sitges, Reus or Tarragona, until he ends up in the Delta del Ebro Natural Park and at the mouth of the river.

Barcelona-Muntanyes de Prades as say the scooter rental Barcelona team

Leaving also Barcelona and entering the province of Tarragona, but in this case in the interior, we find another interesting route to go by motorcycle and enjoy a journey in which the mountains are the protagonists, in this case, is the Montanyes de Prades, a mountainous area in which there are some towns of great beauty, of course, all joined by roads in which there are good curves that will charm motorists.

Among the must-see places in the Muntanyes de Prades are Valls, Prades and Les Masies, next to which is the Monastery of Santa María de Poblet.

These are just five of the routes through Barcelona and its surroundings that are essential for enjoying them on motorbikes, but there are other routes that even allow you to get close to the Pyrenees in Huesca or cross the border from Fracia to Argelés-sur-mer.