Trekking in Burma

A stunning location, Myanmar, you must see this place on Earth! Here are several attractions in Myanmar. The Shwedagon or Greater Dragon Pagoda is considered the most sacred site in Buddhism in Myanmar because it contains a strand of Buddha’s hair and other religious relics. The 2,500-year-old pagoda is located on Singuttara Hill in Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar. Over the centuries, the pagoda has grown from 8 meters to 99 meters (26 feet to 366 feet). The origins of Shwedagon are lost in antiquity but it is estimated that the Pagoda was first built by the Mon during the Bagan period, sometime between the 6th and 10th century AD. It is covered in gold leaf; the stupa is covered in 4,531 diamonds. Numerous temples, statues and stupas can be found at this unforgettable site. Pagoda visitors are expected to follow a dress code (trousers preferred, T-shirts with elbow-length sleeves) and enter the temple barefooted.

Along with Yangon, Bagan is one of the main tourist attractions in Myanmar. With a repertoire of the massive Buddhist temple, built by King Pagan over many centuries, Bagan is undoubtedly the greatest archaeological site on earth that you should never miss to visit in Myanmar tourism. Nowadays, with 2,220 temples still remaining (in about 13,000 temples in the peak period), this native land unleashes fair chances for you to freely explore Bagan art and architecture by a visit to the Bagan temples. They are close to each other, so it provides you with a wide range of moving ways such as walking, cycling, buses, tuk-tuk or on a hot air balloon to discover this marvelous site. If you have already mesmerized by the ancient architecture of pagodas from the ground, a hot-air balloon flight will provide you a chance to marvel at the wonderful Bagan from above, which is an unforgettable experience. To the southeast of Bagan lies Mount Popa together with a lot of Buddhist monasteries situated. Popa, in Sanskrit, means ‘flower’ as the whole remains are well-known for its breathtaking beauty.

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Mandalay Hill, reaching a total height of 236 metres, is one of the holiest places in Mandalay. This has several pagodas, monasteries, and religious images that rise up the side of the hill. Climbing up the steps to reach the top rewards travellers with views of the city and Mandalay Palace below. Tourists tend to say this is one of their top Burma attractions in Mandalay. And it also gives you an insight into the local Buddhist way of life. As you climb up the hill, you’ll pass several pagodas and images of Buddha. There are several monks in the monasteries that hang around and like to practice their English with tourists. This is a great experience and you may be able to chat with some of the younger, more curious locals. Admission is free, but you’re expected to pay a small ‘photography fee’ when you reach the Well-Wisher’s Pagoda at the top. It’s also worth mentioning that you need to remove your shoes to climb the steps. Again, it may be better to bring your own plastic bag to carry your shoes.