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Planning the unforgetable luxury holiday and you need to book tours for a luxury trip at affordable prices ? Here is a checkpoint list :

There’s nothing better than a vacation where you feel the hotel’s deep commitment to connecting with their guests, a place where you are recognized on arrival, where the staff cares about your preferences and truly appreciates your business. You’re not going to get this special service at a cookie cutter, 3-star chain hotel. Stay where that personal touch is of utmost importance, where you are more than just a room number, where attention to detail creates a memorable experience for each and every guest. You get what you pay for.

Never put your name and address on the luggage tag, it allows thieves to know your home is likely to be empty for the next week or so. Just put a postal code or phone number.

Most countries require a certain amount of time, usually six months, remaining on your passport, so don’t leave a renewal until the last few months.

When dealing with a hotel, agent or villa owner directly, always ask for a discount. If you don’t ask, they won’t offer.

If you are interested in flying with a particular airline or staying at a particular hotel, sign up to their newsletter and watch out for special offers or sales.

Inform yourself (and stay updated) about the most recent safety and security situation of your destination by consulting the website of the government of your home country. If your country does not have one, you can always consult the up-to-date travel advice on the excellent websites of the UK Government, the USA Department of State, and the Australian Government.

Plan your itinerary in advance. A helpful source to start looking for the perfect itinerary are the online travel guides of Rough Guides, Lonely Planet, and – my favorite – the Frommer’s guides (suggested itineraries are listed per destination). Alternatively, contact me if you have an itinerary related question.

Get the most for your transportation dollar. A rule of thumb is to apply long-haul flights to longer trips and short-haul flights to shorter ones. The latter are cheaper and more easily earned with points. This will keep your daily costs down. To calculate the cost of your trip on a per day basis:
Determine a reasonable daily budget including accommodation, food, etc.
Multiply that figure by the number of days you’ll travel.
Add the cost of your flight.
Divide the total by the number of days you’ll be traveling.

The price of traveling to a popular destination can vary considerably at different points during the year. Be flexible with your dates and see how the price varies by month.

You may discover that you can visit a destination for half the price during the winter than in the summer.

Suggested destinations : St. Barth has an entirely different vibe than most other Caribbean islands. Instead of the typical laid-back privacy most islands boast about, it’s super chic and sceney and the crowd is overwhelmingly European. Pretty much everyone is too cool for school, but without trying. The women there seem to have nailed beachy waves and sunkissed skin but as if it all happened by accident. But that’s exactly what I wanted out of my trip. I wanted to sip champagne by the ocean, go to white dance parties and stay up past my bed time. There are so many fabulous clubs and of course fabulous shops-not that most of us can even afford a fraction of what they sell. But that’s St. Barth. And if you can make it happen, its beaches are some of my favorite in the world. I stayed at Tom Beach Hotel, which is just down the beach from Eden Roc and Nikki Beach. I savored every minute of my stay-literally woke up at 6am the morning we left just to wade in the bathtub water that was our beach. It was fantastic. Here is my advice for the Perfect Luxury Escape to St. Barth: What to Do, Where to Stay. Then I’ve compiled a bunch of my favorite restaurants Where to Eat in St. Barth. And definitely check out the value luxury property I stayed at and see my Review of Tom Beach Hotel, Laid Back Luxury.

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